Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Plasticana just in time for Summer Festivals I love the new SABOTS

Andre from Plasticana at Jardin DesTuilieries wearing his Sabots I love the colour and texture of these caramelized hemp wellies they are just too gorgeous and they re available for £45 in London at the N2 store in Covent Garden.

Monday, 23 May 2011

White Gallery 22-24 May THE ONLY DESIGNER BRIDAL SHOW DOES sustainable Brides!

Mathew Williamson catwalk totally divine! Grecian goddess

Mathew Williamson catwalk

Sanukta Shretha

Sanyukta Shretha

Sanukta Shretha

Sanyukta Shretha

The most beautiful Bridal Show in Europe fantastically placed at Battersea Park!
Mathew Williamson catwalk show was an eye stopper especially the parachute draped dress with Swarovski Crystal strap and belt.  Although newbie designer  Sanyukta Shretha was the one that took my votes, utilizing organic cotton, locally sourced materials and manufacturing in  Nepalese Ashrams, her home town where her atelier is based & the silk is woven.  Her embellished  hand embroidered gowns were painstakingly divine. Teamed up with Elizabeth  Simpson shoes who manufactured in Spain and also showing, plus the must have Vivien Sheriff head piece, its time to find THE man!

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Bobelle brings STYLE to Marks and Spencer`s Autograph range.

Terribly exciting news for all us Bobelle adorers, affordable smart and luxurious clutch, ipad case, iphone case and wallet in  classic palette of Smokey White, Red and Black hits M&S. The range is available exclusively at their London  flagship stores,  of Marble Arch and High Street Kensington. plus on line as well!

Friday, 13 May 2011

People power as Selfridges launches Project Ocean

Alanna Weston Creative director Selfridges wearing Katherine Hamnett

James Knight staff manning the fish stall in the Food Hall

Running from 11 May – 12 June, the first enviromental project  and biggest is both a celebration of the oceans and a forum for conservationists to issue an urgent public wake-up call to address issues of sustainability, overfishing and marine protection. 

Driven by the unthinkable prospect of the world’s major fisheries collapsing by 2050, the London store has given itself over to leading international marine protection campaigners and 22 environmental NGOs, as well high profile activists from the worlds of art, fashion, culinary arts, and entertainment.   

Jonathan Baillie, co-creator of Project Ocean and Director of ZSL said, “Project Ocean signals the biggest-ever retail activism campaign designed to ‘sell’ and engage public mind-sets on overfishing, an issue that needs mass support.  We hope that this innovative partnership with Selfridges makes the public understand the issues around overfishing, and measurably leads to more fish in the sea”.

Being a pescaterian the whole idea of killing our fish supply is abhorrent all be it I won’t be alive by 2050 unless we discover some life sustaining drug. But I take stewardship of our land quite seriously and since the politicians seem to be incapable of doing anything about it, I think Selfridges has just made it a wee bit clearer  about how we can do it ourselves. I mean checking up in the Selfridges Fish guide booklet which is now available free and  dotted around their  food hall I saw a couple of my favourite fish on the danger list.
Gosh! Although it’s tough the idea of no more  `Raie au Beurre Noir`  there are plenty of alternatives and the expert staff at James Knight are happy to find you one. If in doubt or your just can’t find your fave fish fast enough,  you can always check website although be warned as a fish lover find the whole thing totally disheartening!!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Something moorish about this Fashion of Compassion designer bag from Palestyle!

Its not just the price either £90 for this gorgeous purple leather wallet from Palestyle!!( Worn by Cherie Blair) or the commitment from the forever beautiful Ayesha whose site  Fashion for Compassion is a fantastic little treasure trove of exotic finds. I think for me its her whole ethos of sourcing responsibly from brands that contribute to society and empowering women. She also has to be the only woman in the UK with  such an expert knowledge on the middleast fashion scene. Beshtar one of her designers is certainly on my one to watch list and looked stunning on Oliva Firth doing her Green Carpet challenge!  Their little dresses might also  prove a crease less option to stuff into my pannier as I prepare  for my forthcoming `Girl on the back of a bike challenge`!! Uggh......

House of Tammam fan Jason Gardiner raves about my fave sheer sleeve Bridal Gown

The Kate is the name of the dress which is really absolutely heavenly with its sheer sleeves in naturally dyed printed  100% peace silk  organza I first saw it at Lucy Tammam`s catwalk show at St Pancras International sipping on some light organic bubby earlier on this year together with @katehelencarter. It was love at first site although looks like I am not the only one!  Visiting her Studio today in the heart of Bloomsbury I can only be amazed how Lucy preempted this now really popular trend.
Tammam Atelier is in India its IFAT certified ,  and uses a mixture of traditional and western
techiniques making her embellishment totally unique.  House of Tammam also has ready to wear from £450 + mother of the bride +accessories + bridesmaids and even the odd piece for the overseas wedding. There is a rumour that she might be persuaded to do Grooms but I guess that might be a while off as how much more can this dynamic designer and super MUM do!
See Link below for pre RW view and the Kate Dress £1500 stocked at Sophia Couture